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rainbow garment

photographed by dorian bell


For this artwork, we wanted to draw attention to the symbol of a rainbow, and its ability to strengthen our sense of community during the pandemic. Images of rainbows are pinned in doorways and hung as banners, visible throughout Montreal. As a symbol of inclusion, and collective hope, we were inspired to embody the many public iterations of the rainbow in our own art practice. Without access to studio space, we borrowed equipment and set up a workshop in a neighbour’s backyard. Visible to passersby, we used wet-felting techniques to shape two wearable clouds, and sewed two hand-made rainbow shirts. As collaborators and roommates, we choreographed a performance in public to create an arching rainbow. These rainbows promote resilience, empathy and optimism, and serve as a playful reminder that we must collectively strive for safety and support at this time. The arcs that form between us, even at a distance, are powerful enough to keep us creating, engaging, and learning from one-another.

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